Soldiers Evacuate Families From Barracks As Boko Haram Drops Fliers About Plan To Seize Maiduguri

The military and non-military staff of two main barracks in Maiduguri, Borno State, were thrown into confusion following a daredevil threat by Boko Haram Islamist sect.

According SaharaReporters, unknown people dropped letters by the main gates of Maimalari and Giwa military barracks, as well as in some other areas of the city. The papers contained a clear threat of a massive attack on the capital of the state.

The military men took these messages seriously, started evacuation of families and non-military staff residing there.

“Soldiers are moving their wives and children out because they should not be there if a battle begins,” a security source said.

The source informed the newsmen that the first batch of letters appeared on September 4, 2014. An unconfirmed number of soldiers had allegedly deserted from service upon seeing such papers. However, Defence Headquarters officials in Abuja denied to give any comments on this development when the reporters attempted to get a confirmation.

The warning message has been composed in Hausa. The letter starts with a declaration that the leader of the ‘Caliphate’ and head of Boko Haram, Abubakar Shekau, shall personally be in charge of massive attack on Maiduguri. The insurgents informed that fighters shall invade Maimalari, the more formidable of the two barracks, first. The message emphasises that all the fighters are ready to face death and die as a martyr in combat.

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It would be noted that Boko Haram insurgents were inspired by recent military success in Gwoza, Bama and several more towns, including those outside Borno State, in the neighbouring Yobe.

Front groups of Islamists were reportedly an apparent push towards Maiduguri by killing some 30 people near Kawuri town. They now have just an army checkpoint in Konduga standing between them and the capital of the troubled state.

At the same time, Nigeria Army denies that Bama had been captured by terrorists, insisted that the reinforcements have arrived and second largest city of the state would soon be cleared from sect members.

A senior United States official was far more pessimistic. While admitting that Bama town was controlled by insurgents he reassured that the US would provide logistical assistance to the Federal Government ruin the plans of Boko Haram.


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