Photos: 80 Year-old Man Shoots Down 28 Year-old Pregnant Woman, Despite She telling Him She Is Pregnant

An Eighty year-old pensioner shot down a young pregnant woman who allegedly was trying to rob him with her friend, despite telling him she was pregnant.
The man, Tom Greer (picture below) shot the woman, Andrea Miller twice at her spine region after she told him she was pregnant.
The old man proudly told the story to NBC4: "She says ‘don’t shoot me, I’m pregnant – I’m going to have a baby’. And I shot her anyway. The lady didn’t run as fast as the man so I shot her in the back twice. She’s dead, but he got away."
Andrea Miller
The man spoke without remorse and said he is still on the hunt for the guy friend.
Gus Adams
The guy friend has been identified as 26 year old Gus Adams, they tried to steal the old man’s property in his Long Beach, Los Angeles home, earlier this week.
Greer said he found them in the middle of the night in his home:"When I went in there, they tackled me. Both of them jumped up on top of me." #while they were ransacking his house, he found his gun and fired it making them both run from the house empty handed.
But as the lady was running away from the scene, she pleaded with him not to shoot her that she was pregnant, Greer still went ahead and killed her, justifying his actions as self-defense


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