How to protect my laptop from virus

Sometimes we wonder how virus get transmitted to our system or smart phone. The only way to fight or prevent virus, is to know how they were transmitted.

According to my research and experience, virus are spread through Bluetooth, WIFI , spam emails and pictures.

If you don’t know, pictures are infected with virus. Downloading from an untrusted site, can get you system infected with virus.

Transfer of music or files from hard drive, usb drive can also get your computer or smart phone infected with virus.

How to protect you PC or Smart phone from virus Get a good antivirus. I recommend norton and avast.

Because I have made use of them. Buy the software on CD. Don’t download from the internet.

Scan your pc regular. If using avast antivirus always boot scan your pc weekly.

Be careful of the site you visit such as torrent site. Having any to add to this, feel free to drop it.


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