We all know that before Nigerians are on paypal blacklist. no more. back in the days opening a paypal account and verifying it was so difficult. i am pretty sure you all know that paypal now accepts Nigerians legally.

Few weeks ago paypal assured to make Nigeria and some African countries available and they kept to their words.

on the 17th of June 2014 paypal finally grant access to Nigerians.

STEPS TO OPEN A PAYPAL ACCOUNT AND VERIFY WITH YOUR MASTER CARD Kindly visit, once the site is displayed, click “Sign up“ in the account type, click open an account for individuals.

fill in the required information/details, such as Email [make sure your email is a valid mail] ,Name, Lga, Address, and many more. kindly click on ” Agree and create Account“.

Definitely you will see a security verification to know if you are human. kindly fill in the characters seen and click “continue“ Sign in to your mail box and verify your account.”a link will be sent to your email from paypal asking you to verify your account” Note: it may ask you to fill in your password to sign in.

if not, kindly sign in to paypal after successful email verification. once you’ve sign in you will be directed to a page were you will be asked. the card type the last four digit of your card and your billing address click on “continue”

After clicking continue paypal will remove $1.95 which is N350 in Nigeria. they will refund you your money back within 24 hours. they just wanna know if the card is yours Once you receive an alert from your bank via sms or email after you receive a sms alert it should be like this.

the Naira equivalent of USD 1.95 has been authorize for transaction done.

PP*0000 CODE 0123456789FF after getting your 4 digit code sent to you via sms which is highlighted as example above.

kindly log in to paypal and click on “Comfirm my debit or Credit Card“ kindly enter the four (4) digit code sent to you via sms or email by your bank in the provided section. and click “Comfirm Card“.

once it is successful, you will definitely see a confirmation and your account will show “Verified” If the above steps worked well for you, kindly share your testimony. if not, let me know via the comment form and i will respond to you as soon as possible. please don’t forget to share this post to social medias thanks.

Note: please i will advice you to open a separate account for any online transaction, do not use your main account.

also you should have money in your account to perform the above steps.


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