How to make Google accept my adsence account fast

Most people venture into blogging because their major aim is they wanna earn money online. Making good money from adsense is one big issue.

Because it is kind of difficult getting Google adsense. Google adsense is the biggest advertising online Network in the world. They are the highest pay to publishers.

Since Google is the worlds most largest Advertising Network. they’ve guide their adsense with some policy which are really strict. below are their guidelines.

Steps to take before your Google adsense account approved

CONTENT OF YOUR WEB PAGES: to get approved by Google, you have to have a good content on your website or blog, note that copy right material such as music or movie may not be accepted by Google if seen on your blog..

SITE DESIGN: Your website design matters a lot. if you site is scattered Google may not accept your blog. Google hate 404 error site or a redirection domain. design your site with navigation. so your users can navigate from one plac to the other. which makes your blog friendly.

AGE RESTRICTION Google accept individual to have ad sense which is from the age of 18 and above. so if you are blow that age, Google will defiantly not accept you.

PAID TRAFFIC: Google hate paid traffic when having adsense on your blog, so if you try to advertise your website, kindly remove your adsense from your blog.


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