What you must know about change of course!

With regards to the recently released UTME results for the PPT option, it is obvious that many a candidate were victim of failure, and so many of you have the strong desire that you must go into the university this year, thereby the idea of change of course becomes your ultimate decision. As this eagerness continue to grow many of you ask questions like ''What is the cheapest course to get i university?'' Note that entering into the university is not the ultimate but how happy you will be when you graduate in your course, this is a relevant advice to you all who seek to change courses! 1. Don't Choose a None professional course, because you want your self in a university at all cost, THIS IS NIGERIA, if you graduate in a course that you know fully sure that it is not applicable to this country in terms of getting a job, you are deceiving yourself. 2. Don't choose courses you know fully well that you can't cope with all in the name of gaining admission in the university: I see so many post from inexperienced members of this website that tells you that if you don't score high in jamb that you should choose Education courses, if you go by that! SORRY FOR YOURSELF; To enlighten you on this, Education course is becoming a teacher, and teaching job is a Natural gift from GOD don't enter there because of your Low score because you will end up being the least in that field and by that SORRY FOR YOU; most of you can't even stand in midst of an audience of just 20 persons to deliver but just because they want to be roaming in the university like others they go into the wrong destiny. NOTE!!! INSTEAD OF YOU TO BE WASTING YOUR TIME IN THE UNIVERSITY; GO AND PICK UP A VERY NICE COURSE IN THE POLYTECHNIC. THE EARLIER THE BETTER. To give you a perfect example, one of my cousins who took jamb in 2004 he made 261 then , and he studied Education & Chemistry because he had this strong desire for teaching and wanted to realise this talent by adding more colour to it in the Univesity of benin, as at 2004 many of his classmates come to our house and he will be teaching them as if he was a professional, most times he taught me primary science and primary health education. As you are reading this post now, this my cousin is a Lecturer in University of Markudi teaching Chemistry in Faculty of Medical/pharmaceutical sciences. So my brother Education is a practical work not something you will sit inside the office even when you don't know what you are doing there.