SLY ESTRADAH is a JAH lion!!!an artist and a man separated unto JAH..i.e.Rasta; and his rasta may be different from other because its deep in his blood!
The Zanga is his habitat. A perfect catalogue of a Rastaman with an activated zeal and passion for the glorious gospel of CHRIST( JAH'S only saving power)..
He belong to Zion, no pretense, and he is powered by the Word of JAH. He don't relate without putting on the simple garment of the Rastaman (humility&love)..
He've been in music since backayears 1999..and he choose reggae because it touches the blood of every true JAH 'children...he is an apostle of Rastaman Music and a prophet of JAH, the Most High.and don't rely on might but grace, though he still recognize hard-work as the key to excellence..SLY is a Zion crusader and  dwell in the victory of the LORD JESUS CHRIST to keep the devil conquered!!
  These are his two tracks
The Wanted      Downloads:


Not My motive Downloads:

Both tracks features OTI-BONE