I Can Never Spend Money On A Man-Ghanaian Actress Vivian Jill Lawrence

Beyonce can buy an island for her man,
Jay-Z in any part of the world but not
Vivian Jill Lawrence, a Ghanaian actress,
who sees that as an impossible thing for
her, she is not ready to play lover guy and
spend on any man.
Vivian claims that she is caring because
she can buy food and drink at least for a
guy, the money she is making belongs to
her and her son, and not a lover man,
when she is tired of any of her men, she
would joyfully send messages to them
through her Facebook or WhatsApp.
Sometimes, these men believe that she is
not serious and they see her slam the
door behind them when it gets out of
hand, her friends tell her she is a crazy
woman when she wants to break up but,
the fact she is trying to project is she
doesn't want to be killed by a man before
her time.
Vivian agrees that she would get married
when the time comes but she would not
be put under any unnecessary pressure to
do that, some of her fans have called her a
lesbian but she doesn't care what anyone
have to say about her.


  1. Reflection of Individual differences. Thanks for post. Great blog!


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