How a ‘Prophet’ R@ped A Woman In Order To ‘Heal’ Her Stomach Problem!

In the latest round of unbelievable, un-Godly things that some pastors have been doing lately, Lungile Ncube, supposed prophet of the Twelve Apostolic Church, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, stands accused of r@ping a woman he was supposed to be helping with her stomach problem. , .

According to My Zimbabwe News Online, when the 32-year-old Ncube appeared before Sikhumbuzo Nyathi recently, the bemused Regional Court Magistrate heard how the prophet had supposedly prophesied that the 23-year-old woman was suffering from stomach problems and her husband would soon be involved in an accident at work.

The prophet then offered to come to the house of the woman and help her to pray for healing, according to the alleged victim of the r@pe.

Ncube is denying that he violated the young woman when he went to her house on Janaury 28th, the day after he supposedly received a revelation that she needed his help in order to be healed.

However, the distressed young woman insisted in court that Ncube used guile tactics to weaken her defenses and put her faith and trust in him.

According to the woman, Ncube, who is also a neighbor, came to her house in the early morning while her husband was at his place of employment, a local mine.

Ncube then proceeded to persuade the woman to drink a solution of three cups of water mixed with salt, then prepared a hot water bath for her to steam her body with, alleged the woman.

The woman went on to say that Ncube then asked her to strip naked and wash her private parts in the prepared water. However, the woman refused to do this as it didn’t appear to be a proper thing to do when they were all alone in the house together.

Ncube allegedly allowed the woman to wash her private parts while he went outside. However, when he returned, he again insisted that the woman must strip to complete the healing process of rubbing soil, salt and mud all over her body.

After having smeared the “healing mixture” over the woman’s breast and legs, Ncube then asked the still embarrassed woman to bend over. Allegedly, this is when he quickly inserted his manhood into her private parts, insisting that she would have to climax to achieve full healing.

The woman later told her husband about her strange ordeal and they informed the local police.