President Jonathan And Fani Kayode Hold Closed Door Meeting!

The president of Nigeria His Excellency
Goodluck Jonathan hosted the former Minister
of aviation Chief Fani Kayode at the presidential
villa, this is very shocking because Fani Kayode is
a critic of Jonathan's government and also a
member of APC. During his visit at the
presidential villa, Fani Kayode said;
"This is a Presidential Villa, the President is a
President of Nigeria and every single person in
this country that is a Nigerian is entitled to come
here from time to time, when the doors are open
to come and pay their respect to the wonderful
people that are here. As a Nigerian, I have done
that today and I am delighted to be here."
When he was asked if he has decamped to PDP,
he said he would make it known to all when he
decides whether or not he would be remaining in