LettEr to the upComing. MuSic ArtiSt

Dear Unknown Artist, I know All your Wish is to
Famous And Popular Like the other Musicians.
Maybe you've been waiting for too Long and
You're even About to give up. But you don't
have to throw Away ur # TALENT jux Like dat.
Wake Up From the Ground, Pray Hard! Take the
Pen and Write more Lyrics like you dont Care.
Roam From studio to Studio whether Rain or
Shine, Poor or Rich, Handsome or Ugly Don't
never REST! Producers will Deceive You,
Will give you Empty Promises, others too will
take ur money without Helping You, but Don't
neva Give up, its part of the Game. Jux keep on
To be best you have to work BEST,
I See a Talent in you, don't Hide it, Explore it
the World and You'll Soon be a STAR !!!
Always Remember this;
Every BOSS was Once a WORKER ....
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