This information is being brought to you all youth of Nigeria seeking admission into university here in Nigeria.
So you asked who and who can attend this school?

It is no longer a new thing to us in Nigeria that every youth who have been able to attain their 5 o ’level credit still have to go through some barriers in order to secure admission into any university here in Nigeria.
And the so call barrier is cruel and heartless that it can take a whole life time of Nigerian youth away or even take away the desire of a student to further more their education if care is not taken.
For your information, the so call barrier took away 5 years of my youth age and am not ready to allow it take any more of yours only if willing to listing to what I have to tell you and make use of the information provided to you on this website.
I have not brought you here to tell you useless story, but to give to you the information that majority of you may not have hear about or might have heard but ignore for a reason or the other just as I did four years ago, of which if I have considered then, I would have been a graduate by now if I have used the info by that time I was informed.
Before I proceed, like to apply the yoruba adage that says “eni to ba ma fun ni laso wo, torun e laakoko wo”. (translation- someone that will dash  us cloth to wear, we’ll first look at the one he is wearing  if the one he wore shows that he worth giving cloth to somebody.
So dear friend, I will like to share with you some of my story to show you that I am a living testimony of entering university without the so call barrier and to grant you a secure and easy way to get your admission letter without the stress of jamb and post jamb so far you have been able to attain your 5 o ‘level credit, then the rest is history.
To continue, my name is AJIBOLA ABIODUN PAUL, and for those who have  not come across with me in  real life and would like to know more about me  or my bio data should contact google search for my name or nickname jibagod and I assure you dat all you need to know about is right there on
I finished secondary school in the year 2006/2007 at Sanya senior grammar school with c6 in all my subject except math that I have b3 in my waec.

I wrote my first jamb in the year 2008 with an intention of studying mechanical engineering at uniben , and unfortunately for me; my course cut off mark was 270, while I scored 196 and this ended my struggle for admission that year.In the preceding year, I decided not to write jamb anymore, instead, I planned to  collect direct entry form to yabatech, but this was not supported by my parent and they bought me another jamb form in the year 2009.These was against my will and it made me to think  of the thing to do in order not to sit at home in the coming year. with the help of God and the assistance of some people, and using the information given to me as at that time, I was able to join a technical school at Ebutte metta,I am talking of Nigeria Railway Technical Institute, where I obtained my Trade test and Diploma in Electrical Installation and maintenance of which am using the certificate and knowledge acquired from there to work now at Promasidor Nigeria and other company like China Civil Engineering Construction Company (CCECC) and Kolex Point Technical Prints and many other personal contracts.                                                                                                                             So the point is, on the day I was trying to fill the 2009 Jamb form because its been bought already, I met a guy in the cyber café who came to register his own semester course, and the guy knowing what I was there to do, called aside, like am calling you today and told me about the school, but after I made enquiry about school, knowing that they do not have the course I wanted to do as then and also because by then they are not so popular as other universities, so, I disregarded the information and continued with my Jamb registration of which I was able to score 211 but at the end of everything, all my struggle comes to vain, and I still remained at my Technical school.        
So dear friend, after my three years in the technical school, and some little experience gathered from friends on computer repair and maintenance, I developed interest in computer science and this brought me back to find information cosigning the school the guy told about in the year 2009 and decided to give it a try in the year 2012 (3 years seems to be wasted).My friend, today am in my second semester, studying computer science in one of the world class university in this our country without Jamb or post jamb or A’Level Cambridge exam, I am now proud to tell you that am an Undergraduate student of National Open University of Nigeria.After a long story my friend, am here to tell you about NOUN.A school for distance learning and very good for internet user like me and you.And for your information, this school prefer that you’re working at present while schooling and it does not matter the state you’re because they got you covered, so far you can access the internet either on your phone or on your PC or simple via a public cafe (cyber café).                                                                                 They have study center in mostly all the state because, it’s a federal university and to further assure you of how sure and recognize the school is, I have got two videos of interview of a well-known person in this our country, and a white man who are among the beneficiary of  the school.Ø click here to watch the video1 Ø click here to watch the video2   Ø click here to view all the study center available in nigeria        What is the requirement and what do I need to know about the school before going through it.   Okay dear, this school is for you if you can satisfy the conditions listed below .
v You must have 5 O ‘Level credit including Math and English.
v You must be able to use the internet and computer or be ready to learn soon.
v You must be ready to use and manage your time well if working or not to read and pass your test and exams, because no lecturer will have your time to even collect bribe from you talk less of helping you in your examination.
v You must be ready to read and become an independent learner.
v You must be able to pay your school fees and course registration fee and exam fee at the time giving allowed by the school authority.
v You must be willing or ready to switch your choice of course to any of the course offered by the school.
       click here to view the courses available                      So friend, if you are able to satisfy the afore mentioned conditions, may I say congrats to you because your admission is assured.
 But before you go into admission process and I will like to let you know the advantages and the disadvantages of this school so that you will not say that they did not tell you.
First I will go to the disadvantages of you going to  this school compared to student in other university.1.     At NOUN, you do not get direct face to face lecture from your lecturer, you only get lectures from your lecturer via the course material provided for you by the school either soft copy downloaded from the school website or hard copy, collected from the school library or bought around the school premises.
2.     Your test and continuous assessments which we know as TMA (Tutored Marked Assignment) is not done in the classroom, but you will have to access it via your school portal on web.
3.     You do not have a face to face contact with your lecturer but their names and email address are provided to you in your TMA paper and also in your course material.
4.     At the beginning of each semester, you will have to register your course depending on the number of courses you choose to do that semester and that make some student to think that the school fees is somehow high and which when to be compared with other schools, it’s not high at all if we are sincere with ourselves.   
The afore listed points are the disadvantages of the school and the point listed below are the reasonable solution you can find to those problems respectively.·        No 1 Problem, In some center like Apapa, the study Centre organizes some free lectures for students, not by the main lecturer, but by other staff of NOUN or hired lecturer and In some other center like Agindigbi, my own center, the students; both passed out ones and the current students of the school organizes  lectures within themselves,  and some also employed lecturer for themselves whom they pay changes like 200naira per student or more for them to learn and be able to do their assignments and prepare themselves for exam.
·        For Problem 2, You can print your TMA out from your protal and take your time to study your course materials to answer the question one after the other at the comfort of your home, And after you are done, you can go back to the portal to fill your answer at your own comfort without anybody hurrying you up.
·        For problem 3, Tell me, what do you need it for? When all the reference books has been listed in your courses material to buy and read to help your understanding and if you are still not clear, your study center is available for you to come Monday-Friday,8am-4pm
·        For Problem 4, People say NOUN fee is high, NOUN compared to other university payment schedule, you will know that NOUN is more affordable than most of the universities and polytechnics in Nigeria and moreover, you have your time to work and earn money while schooling at NOUN.

You have seen the disadvantages of you studying at NOUN, now let me tell you some of the advantages that we all NOUN student have over to other universities student.
1.     At NOUN, you are expected to be working while schooling without a special charge that are applied to other part time student in other university and does not even affect your duration of studying at NOUN.
2.     Your TMA is done at your own convenient time, no one  will force you to do anything, you just have to manage your own time well.
3.     At NOUN, Application form is always opened at anytime of the year.
4.     At NOUN, you don’t have to leave your house to obtain your Admission letter, once you’ve paid the application fee which is never change from #5000 and you have access to the internet in your room then you will get your Admission letter easily without leaving your room.
5.     At NOUN, your test and examination is marked and your correct answer is seen in less than 20seconds after submitting successfully your answer sheet via the internet in your home and on the computer in your examination center.      
6.     At NOUN, you can either speed up the rate of your schooling or slow it depending on your pocket or readiness and nobody will query you. That is your normal 4years course can be done within 3years and you graduate or you can extend it more than 4years if money fails you or you felt the course you were given is too much for you at that period of time.
7.     At NOUN, you can take your lecture anywhere, either in bus, in your kitchen, on your bed, at break when working and so on, just so convenient and it can be taken from your phone, PC, cyber café, Ipad and so on if it is a soft copy and in any of the afore mentioned place if it is an hard copy course material.
Many more advantages to be discovered by you yourself, I am sure you will love it.

So my friend, if you think this information meet you well And you want to go for it, simply click here to read or download the E book  to guide you through and if after reading the E book and you are still not clear, please don’t hesitate to call me on my direct phone number via 08083692774 or 08161253147 or reach me on any of these chat site- facebook, eskimi, google profile, twitter by searching for my nickname JIBAGOD.
And you can also reach me on 2go via my username JIBAOLORUN or phone number 07011170502 or on whatsapp via 08083692774.

Incase all these you have read make no meaning to you and you still feel the best thing for you to do is to continue to force your self on jamb and post jamb without planning another way to obtaining your first degree, then I wish you best of luck, but will also like to remind you that out of 1.7million Nigerian that wrote this year utme, it is only 0.5million space are available for admission.

So tell me the probability that you are going to be among 29.4% of the total number of you all that wrote the examination. So my friend, PLEASE WISE UP !!!.