If you have followed the guideline to get your adsense account approved in an hour, the you can follow step bellow to apply the approved account to display ads on your own website.

  • Login to your Adsense Account HERE 
  • Click on settings on the top right corner of the webpage. check the screen shot below                                                    
  • Move to “Access and Authorization” section. You will find this section at the end of “Account Settings” Page, on the left hand side 
  • Now, type your website Url that you wish to show ads on into the box as shown bellow.  
    and click on submit.
  • Finally, Create an Ad Unit and implement the code in your website and also wait for a week or two for google to review your website. (Note that ads will not show on your site untill google send you mail  about your request)
  • If after reviewing your website and google found your site worthy of having adsense, your ads will display, but if not, you will receive an email telling you why it was not accepted, so can correct what ever they say its wrong and follow the procedure again to resubmit (also note that if google did not approve ads to show on your web, it will not affect the previous approval on your youtube account.).
that's all you need to do to show ads on your website,